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How would you like to be fit and healthy - the natural and organic way? 
I am Fabien, and I am a professional health and fitness coach.
I will help you to be in your best shape ever. I will educate you on getting the right habits to live your life at the fullest and transform your body with organic food and superfoods. 
You must have heard of the sayings that state "your body is a temple" or "your body is a reflection of how you treat it". Indeed, your body is a fine engine and in order to maintain fine mechanic and get the most power out of your engine, you must maintain it the right way. You maintain your car, your home and all your belongings the right way for different reasons. Well wouldn't you agree that your body is your finest and most important belonging? Therefore,  wouldn't it make sense to treat the best of all your belongings? 
Do not put trash in your body! Your body needs the best fuel to last longer and operate efficiently. 
Everybody is different that's why every sessions are personalized and adapted to each client's needs and possibilities. We all have our limits. The goal is to work with you, step by step, in order to evaluate your limits and push them gradually.
Take a walk in the park or visit a gym and you will see people "working out" a lot for little results. There is simple reason for this paradox. It isn't the lenght of a work out that matters, it is the intensity adapted to your body and the posture. Do the work out right 20 min is much more efficient than working out the wrong way for one hour. This is how you get results. I am here to guide you in all departments that matter and push you to get your results.
The more intense you train, the more you do the exercices right, the more you eat and live right, the sooner you get results.


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